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Why Do Vinyl Records Crackle & How to Fix

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By Impress Vinyl June 6, 2024

How to Fix Vinyl Records Crackle

Vinyl records have made a remarkable comeback in recent years, captivating audiophiles and music enthusiasts with their rich, authentic sound. People started to learn the value of vinyl records, and now records are back in the music scene and are well-loved by music lovers. Still, several disadvantages must be considered, including the specific crackle sound of vinyl records.

In this blog, we will examine why vinyl records crackle and how to minimise it so your records sound as good as possible.

Custom Vinyl Records

When making your custom vinyl records, make sure they are made of good-quality material and cut perfectly to minimise inherent flaws, such as the degree of crackling. Contacting reliable manufacturers may assist you in getting excellent sound on your custom vinyl records.

Vinyl Records Crackle

At one point or another, Vinyl record enthusiasts have experienced the crackling sound emanating from a vinyl record. While playback is usually smooth to the ears, it is often interrupted by noises that resemble static or crackling. That’s how the crackling sounds come from a vinyl record sound. Depending on the scuff marks, scratches, and wear level, the sound is often broken up to make space for the crackling sounds and the footprint of these noises.

The Role of Vinyl Record Grooves

Most people assume that vinyl records have grooves that play the records’ data without realising that grooves represent a core aspect of vinyl records and play a crucial role in playing the records’ data.

Before explaining why vinyl records crackle, you need to know information about vinyl record grooves. This answers the how part of the inquiry because records are made with a spiral groove that begins at the outer rim of the disc and extends toward the center these fine grooves, sometimes only a few microns wide, store analog sound data.

The Rhythm of Vinyl Record Grooves

The groove is where all the action happens in the vinyl record. When a disc rotates on a turntable, the needle, or stylus, goes through these grooves. The shape and depth of the groove reflect the types of audio signals used. These grooves can be navigated using a stylus; the stylus vibrates, and the vibration is translated into an electrical signal, which is then turned into sound through amplification.

What Causes Vinyl Records Crackle?

While the sound of vinyl records is admired and quite musical with the popping and crackling sounds, it becomes irritating when too frequent. The primary causes of vinyl records crackling include:

  • Dust and Dirt:

    They get deposited on the Vinyl record grooves as dust and other particles that may hinder the process when the needle is run over the surface.

  • Static Electricity:

    Vinyl records are also known to pick up static. They are non-conductive and hold a static charge, which causes them to produce a crackle when played.

  • Scratches and Damage:

    Scratches and warping are some of the physical damages that can affect Vinyl, interrupt playback, and generate noises.

  • Improper Storage:

    It is also important to store the vinyl records properly; that will cause the records to warp or be damaged and play crackly.

How to Fix and Prevent Vinyl Records Crackle

Contrary to brand-new and old records, vinyl records could crackle for several reasons. Here is how you can fix and prevent vinyl records from cracking.

Prevent Vinyl Records Crackle

Cleaning Your Vinyl Record

If dust has accumulated around the edges, wipe it with a cloth. This often happens if the record has not been used for a long time and the edges have become round.

Minimising vinyl record crackles may be quite easy; it might be achieved by ensuring the records are clean. Here’s how you can clean your vinyl records properly:

  • Use a Carbon Fiber Brush:

    Before and after each play, a carbon fiber brush is recommended to wipe off the surface dust and any static.

  • Deep Cleaning:

    When you want to give your records a deep clean, you should use a record cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth, or you can use a record cleaning machine. It is always recommended to clean in circles, following the grooves of the disk.

  • Rinse and Dry:

    For wet cleaning, wash the record with distilled water and avoid wiping the surface, as this can introduce scratches; instead, play the record after it has dried out.

Reducing Static Electricity

The main problem is that static electricity can crackle and attract more dust to the records. Here are a few tips to reduce static electricity:

  • Anti-Static Sleeves:

    To prevent your records from scratching, store them in special inner sleeves, preferably anti-static ones.

  • Use an Anti-Static Gun:

    Static charge can be neutralised using things like the Milty Zerostat.

  • Humidify Your Room:

    You can minimise static electricity by ensuring your room is not too moist or too dry.

Proper Storage and Handling

How you store and handle your vinyl records can significantly impact their sound quality. Here are a few tips for proper vinyl record storage.

  • Store Vertically:

    However, when stacking records, always do it vertically to prevent them from warping.

  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures:

    Store your records in a cool and dry area, preferably in a temperature-non-controlled house area with limited exposure to heat lamps or the sun.

  • Handle with Care:

    Feathers are also unsuitable for touching records, as, like fingers, they may transfer oils and dirt, damaging the grooves.

Ensuring Quality Equipment

The playback equipment you utilise is critical to the timbre of the music you will enjoy once you play your vinyl records. Ensure you,

  • Replace Worn Needles:

    The needle must be observed frequently, and one should see that it should be replaced often if it is going bad.

  • Maintain the Turntable:

    Always ensure that the turntable is clean to avoid contamination and that it is properly aligned, depending on the records to be used.

  • Use Quality Components:

    Investing in good quality turntables, cartridges, and amplifiers can enhance your listening experience.

Repairing Scratches and Damage

While deep scratches might be irreparable, minor surface scratches can sometimes be mitigated. Unfortunately, severe cuts in the varnish may be beyond repair, but surface scrapes may be prevented at times:

  • Wood Glue Method:

    Other enthusiasts, for instance, propose that one should take a small portion of wood and gently rub it on the grooves of the intended furniture to reveal the dirt and marks. The solutions point out that when using this solution, one only needs to apply a thin layer of it, let it dry, and then try to remove it using the peel method.

  • Professional Services:

    Valuable or severely water-damaged records should always be treated with professional help, which cleaning services may provide.

Impress Vinyl At Your Rescue for Vinyl Records Crackle

Regarding professional assistance, Impress Vinyl is your go-to solution for vinyl records crackle. Here’s why Impress Vinyl services stand out:
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The crackling noise of vinyl records is quite annoying; however, with the help of correct cleaning, transport, and storage, you can listen to the warm sound of the vinyl record. For people who would rather handle record care professionally, Impress Vinyl provides various services needed to maintain vinyl records. Thus, by learning about the didactics of the vinyl record grooves and taking active action, one can keep the quality of the vinyl records and their future usage.

When you comprehend why vinyl records crackle, you can get the greatest satisfaction and entertainment from them, bouncing along to that warm and rich sound that only Vinyl can give.