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How to recycle and clean vinyl records

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By Impress Vinyl May 17, 2024

How to recycle vinyl records

Are you a vinyl record lover who has somehow gone distant? I am sure that you are asking yourself what may be done with those unplayable LPs and singles that no longer respond to the turntable. In this era of environmental consciousness, the question arises: Can we recycle vinyl records? Then, let’s get to the heart of the matter and discuss practical solutions for the recycling of old vinyl records.

Recycling Vinyl Records

Vinyl records, a large fraction of which is PVC, lack conventional recycling routes owing to their composition. Nonetheless, novel recycling programs have been established to deal with this problem. For instance, a deconstruction procedure is carried out on vinyl records that are reduced to basic materials that are further used to produce new items. This method, which leads to redirecting vinyl waste from landfills, creates a more sustainable way of life.

Cleaning Vinyl Record

Before recycling your vinyl records, it’s important to make sure that they are clean and free from contaminants. For this purpose, use a soft cloth and a delicate, mild cleaning solution to carefully remove the dust, dirt, and grime on the record surface. The appropriate cleaning, aside from helping the recycling process it also preserves the quality of the vinyl for reuse.

Cleaning Vinyl Record for Recycling

To repurpose or recycle vinyl records, it is very important to ensure they are clean and contamination-free.

  • Gentle Cleaning Solution:

     Create a cleaner solution using distilled water mixed with mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, which may harm the quality of the vinyl.

  • Soft Brush or Cloth:

     The record should be cleaned with a soft brush or microfiber cloth and all the dust and debris should be removed from the record surface lightly by brushing. Thus is better to clean in a circular motion, which has the same direction as the grooves of the vinyl instead.

  • Rinse Thoroughly:

     Then, wash the record with huge volumes of clean water that is used to wipe away any end remaining in it. Make sure that your clothes are totally dry before you recycle or put them in storage.

By following these steps, you can keep your records in good condition whether to recycle or reuse, and help you to reduce wastage at the same time.

Recycle Vinyl Records, The Process

Vinyl records are mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a type of plastic that is hard to recycle. Nevertheless, even with these difficulties, recycling vinyl records is not impossible because specialized processes make it possible.


The starting point in vinyl record recycling is the gathering of them from several places, for example, people, record stores, and music lovers. The proper collections are required to guarantee that the recycling facilities always have a sufficient amount of records.


The vinyl records are sorted from the rest of the collection after the collection to separate them from the other materials. This phase verifies the recycling process by filtering out the records that should not be processed at the next step.


Once the sorting is done, the vinyl records are cut into small pieces or pellets. The shredding of the material allows the melting process to be easier in the later stages of recycling.

Melting and Reprocessing:

The shredded vinyl material is afterward heated and reprocessed to produce new goods. The processed facility and the cause of the recycled vinyl are considered; thus, the melted vinyl can be made into other things, such as flooring, packaging materials, or even new vinyl records.

Quality Control:

The recycling process is associated with various quality control procedures to ensure the high quality of the recycled material. Hence, the quality of the produced items is secured, and the product works properly.

Sustainable Options for Dispose of Old Vinyl Records

Options for Dispose of Old Vinyl Records

Besides recycling, there are also many other eco-friendly ways of throwing away old vinyl records. The fact that these books will be donated to charity shops, libraries, or music schools is the hope for others to use them and will also be a way to prolong their life. The transition of vinyl records to DIY crafts or decorative items is an excellent way for vinyl record fans to show their creativity, and thus, vinyl records become unique art.

Exploring Options for Recycling Vinyl Records

Fortunately, vinyl record recycling is the way to go since it is open to the disposal of these much-loved items. Here are some avenues to consider: These are the plausible subjects for study:

Specialized Recycling Programs:

Many towns or recycling centers are currently implementing their own programs for the processing of vinyl records. These projects are the proof that the materials are cleverly processed and reused again, hence, the environmental impacts are minimized.

Upcycling and Repurposing:

You can turn the old, precious, vinyl records into new, useful things and, thus, give them a new life. The making of DIY projects from the old records for decorative bowls to wall art is how the old records are mixed with modern life.

Vinyl Record Donation:

You have to understand that the idea to throw away the vinyl records that you no longer use now is to donate them to the libraries, schools or the community centers. The majority of the organizations are always in a position to take the donation for the educational projects and, thus, more people will be able to attend the classes.

Professional Recycling Vinyl Record Services:

Unlike cases wherein corporations that have focused on collecting vinyl records on a big scale are now phased out, the major corporations that have really given much attention to collecting vinyl records on a wider scale are still operating. The service generally involves destroying the records and using the materials for many purposes, such as the manufacturing of new vinyl products or the construction of building materials.

Recycle Vinyl Records- The Key Tips

While recycling vinyl records is feasible, there are some essential tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth recycling experience. Although one can recycle vinyl records, there are some big issues that should be taken into account to make the recycling process smooth.

  • Remove Non-Recyclable Components:

     Before you start recycling your vinyl records, you should remove the nonrecyclable things like record sleeves or stickers; thus, you will be able to do the process faster and easier.

  • Find Local Recycling Facilities:

     Locate the recycling center or program that do the demolition of vinyl records that are in your area. Most of the cities are now starting the electronic waste recycling programs that also include the vinyl records.

  • Consider Upcycling:

     If the vinyl records are not used anymore but are still in good condition, you should try to use them for DIY projects such as wall art, bowls, or coasters.

  • Donate or Sell:

     It is advised to give your damaged or unplayable vinyl records to charity or sell them to the other music lovers if your vinyl records are still playable. Thus, the records of this system will be not dropped and the system will be of great use for a long time.

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To sum up, it is possible to recycle vinyl records, and so, it is a feasible option for the eco-friendly people who have to say goodbye to their old collections. Through the knowledge of the recycling vinyl records process, the reusing ways and the choice of the providers like Impress Vinyl, you can start the road to a green future for your vinyl record collection.

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