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Guide to Frame Your Vinyl Records

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By Impress Vinyl June 10, 2024

A Guide on How to Frame Your Vinyl Records

The vinyl records are more than just a music medium, they are a part of art, a collection of memories, and a statement of one’s preferences. Vinyl records are collectable and preserving them can enhance the interiors and speak of the owner’s personality. Here, we will show you how to properly frame your custom vinyl record so that it stays protected and is an interesting part of your residence.

Why Frame Your Vinyl Records?

Styling your vinyl records goes a long way in giving the necessary beauty to your home while at the same time protecting the records. Vinyl record sleeves offer just a rudimentary sort of protection, and framing offers just an added layer of protection from dust, UV light, and physical harm. Also, it is known that a properly framed vinyl record can become a good jumping-off point and some conversation piece in the same regard as your interior.

Step-by-Step Guide to Frame Your Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are special items that many people like to display in their homes to represent their musical interests or as antiques for their collections. Here is the step-by-step guide to framing vinyl records.

Choose the Right Vinyl Record Frames

The first thing that needs to be done for the vinyl records or custom vinyl records is choosing the proper frames for them. Picture frames in vinyl records are available in various types as well as made of different materials. Here are some popular options:

  • Wooden Frames:

     These offer a royal and antique appearance to the furniture. They are very sturdy and can be bought in different styles, which are ideal for your home’s interior or exterior.

  • Metal Frames:

     If you wish to have modern-looking eyeglasses, then metal frames are the best option for you to go for. They are usually not heavy and can easily complement a modern look to your display.

  • Acrylic Frames:

     For those who would like a very simple-looking eyeshadow, then those with acrylic frames are most suitable. They are very slim and can give a floating impression to your vinyl records hanging on the wall.

Key Considerations

  • Size:

     Make sure the frame selected is in the right size for the record. A standard vinyl record size is 12 inches; however, one should measure one’s record to ensure it is the correct size.

  • Material:

     There are different types of frames that one can use and they include wooden frames, metal frames, and acrylic frames as mentioned above.

  • UV Protection:

     For the album cover to not fade, frames with UV-protected glass or acrylic should be purchased.

  • Ease of Access:

     Some frames have features that let you exchange records without disassembling the frame. This is especially so if you wish to change the items displayed frequently.

Gather Your Materials

Before you start framing, ensure you have all the necessary materials:

  • Vinyl Record Frames:

     To do this, make sure to get frames that are made to fit vinyl records, as this provides the best outcome.

  • Vinyl Record Sleeves:

     These are essential for protecting your records from dust and scratches while in the frame.

  • Matting:

     This cover can give your exhibition a professional look. Consequently, pick a color that will harmonize well with your record cover and the frame you select.

  • Mounting Tape or Clips:

     These will help fix the record and the sleeve in the desired position in the frame.

Getting Ready for Vinyl

If you want to frame your vinyl records and/or their sleeves, clean these items gently before framing. This may involve covering them with a microfiber cloth if there is any dust or fingerprints on the outer surface. If your records do not lay in protective sleeves, then now is the best time to put them in high-quality vinyl record sleeves. This step is essential to avoid any injury in the process of framing work for the experts themselves and others.

Assemble the Frame

  • Disassemble the Frame:

     Carefully remove the backing and the glass or acrylic cover; when doing all this, make sure you do it gently.

  • Position the Record and Sleeve:

     Put the vinyl record in its frame backing by laying the sleeve on the part of the frame where the plastic cover is located. Therefore, you should use mounting tape or clips to fix it properly. Make sure it is properly aligned and is in the middle of the page.

  • Add Matting (Optional):

     If you are using matting, then place it around the record sleeve. This also gives depth and a finished appearance to your show.

  • Reassemble the Frame:

     Finally, once everything is set up, one should begin to reconnect all the parts of the frame. Sweep away any droplets on the glass or acrylic cover so that they do not mar the overall appearance of the room.

Display Your Vinyl Records

It is now time to show off your vinyl records since you have framed them. It is advised to place the crystals in a conspicuous area of the house where they will be appreciated. Do not place the dress in regions that are exposed to sunlight to avoid the clothes being faded. Arranging frames one above the other or in some pattern and putting many such frames in a house causes a strong impression to be left on the viewers.

Tips for Maintaining Your Framed Vinyl Records

The vinyl records themselves need to be protected, and that is why framing is done. The preservation of vinyl records is enhanced through framing. Here are some tips:

Tips for Maintaining Your Framed Vinyl Records

Regular Cleaning

Clean the frames gently daily so that they do not become dirty or dull to the eyes. Be sure not to use a high-pressure cleaner or a strong detergent on the glass or acrylic cover.

Climate Control

Ensure that the room’s temperature and humidity are appropriate and consistent, as this will help in avoiding the warping of the records.


It is sometimes advisable to frequently revamp your displayed records. This eliminates a situation in which a single record is subjected to environmental influence for a longer time.

Use Vinyl Record Sleeves

Vinyl record sleeves safeguard your records from dust, scratches as well as static charges. For the records and outer covers purchase good quality sleeves that will protect the disc and jacket.

Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Currently, the records must be kept in a cool, dry place to avoid warping and mold. They should not be exposed to direct light or heat, such as direct sunlight or heaters.

Creative Ideas to Display Your Vinyl Records

Now that you know how to frame your vinyl records, here are some creative ways to display them:

Gallery Wall

Hanging vinyl record frames in a row or designs that would create formal patterns should be placed on a gallery wall. This can turn out to be a massive attraction within the living room or the music section.

Themed Collections

Categorize your records according to a certain artist, type, or period of music. This makes your display more engaging as it incorporates the vein of telling a story in your work.

Rotating Display

Some practical tips are the following: If you have a large number of records, you should periodically change the items on the shelves. This is also a way of changing the recording setup after some time while presenting different records to an audience.

Grid Arrangement

For this creation, it is recommended that the artist use multiple vinyl record frames and arrange them in a grid-like pattern on the wall. This method is good when showing a sequence of albums of the same artist or any collection with a specific theme.

Mix and Match

Combine framed vinyl records with other art pieces, such as posters or photographs. This eclectic approach adds variety and visual interest to your display.

Floating Shelves

If you want something more provisional, you should install the floating shelves next to the framed records. This option allows you to replace records quickly and change the configuration of your collection.

Impress Vinyl Contribution to Frame Your Vinyl Records

Impress Vinyl offers a range of products designed to help you frame your vinyl records beautifully and safely. Our custom-framed vinyl records are made to fit standard and oversized records, which guarantees that your records look fantastic hanging on your walls. Moreover, they display high-quality album covers for protective vinyl records, thus ensuring your records do not get scratched as they are displayed.

Thus, using Impress Vinyl’s products helps to put vinyl records safely and stylishly, which is precisely what impresses millions of fans of vinyl records. Based on your style, whether you prefer to get one framed album or several records turned into a kind of wall decor, you will find everything at Impress Vinyl to turn your collection into art.


Vinyl record frames are therefore one good method of protecting and at the same time displaying your record albums. Depending on the selected vinyl records, it is possible to develop different ways for their stylized display on the wall, using proper vinyl record frames and protective vinyl record sleeves.

This blog will guide you through the measures that you can take to properly display your vinyl records and custom vinyl records in style. To learn more and to find high-quality vinyl framing products, come and visit Impress Vinyl’s list of products. The best albums deserve to be presented in the best way, so show your vinyl records to everyone and transform your house into a combination of music and art! Happy framing!