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Essential Vinyl Record Storage Tips: Best Practices to Follow

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By Impress Vinyl March 28, 2023

Essential Vinyl Record Storage Tips

Vinyl record pressings are in high demand right now. Since the introduction of CDs and digital music, its sales are at an all-time high. People desire to listen to the distinctive musical tones produced by a vinyl record playing on a turntable. Building your own vinyl record collection has since gained popularity among audiophiles.

Most people have a sentimental attachment to their vinyl collection. It can have records that evoke nostalgia or vinyls that have been inherited. With such a cherished trove, it is natural to want to preserve it well. The tricky part here is, as vinyl records are quite fragile they are also magnets for dust. They need proper and regular care. But fret not, we have listed down useful tips on how to store your customized vinyl records so they last for years to come.

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Pointers for Safe Storage of Your Vinyl Collection

It is easy to buy vinyl records; but, if you want to enjoy them for long, all you need to do is follow these simple suggestions regularly.

Where to Store Your Vinyl Records?

The first step is to choose the correct space to house your collection of disks. Select a corner or a wall that is not exposed to heat and direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause warping in the vinyl records. This can affect the fidelity of the sound and can, over time, cause breakage too. It is also important to keep your vinyls in a dry place. Humidity can lead to the growth of mold and mildew which can further encourage insect pests such as silverfish. So, choose a cool and dry space to store your vinyl records.

How to Store Your Records?

It is advisable to store records of the same size together. Storing 7”, 10” ,and 12” records together causes uneven pressure on disks that are not supported fully. This can bend the records over time.

Always store the records in vinyl record sleeves. The only time the records should be naked is while they are being played on the turntable. If the original sleeve has become worn or damaged, you should replace it with a new one so that the record remains protected.

The best way to store vinyl records is to place them vertically with enough space to make removal and placing back of records easy. Stacking the records horizontally places too much pressure on the lower ones leading to warping or, eventually, even breakage. You can either place the records vertically on a shelf or you can invest in crates designed especially to hold records.

How to Keep Your Vinyl Records for Long Storage or Transport

If you want to put away your records for a long period or you want to transport them, you should think of getting sturdy plastic boxes for them. The records should be placed vertically inside the box. Also, it is important that the inside of the box be straight-edged. If the edges inside are rounded, the vinyl records will conform to that shape over time and get bent in the process.

Make sure that the storage boxes are free from adhesives which can gas off and damage the disks. Also, avoid wooden boxes as their material may contain acids that can seep through the sleeves over time and affect the records.

Regular Care for Your Vinyl Records in Storage

Vinyl attracts dust very easily and that is why it is imperative to keep it clean in storage too. There are special cleaning kits available for keeping your records dust free. This will typically include lint-free cloth, special brushes, and solutions with instructions for cleaning the disks. Clean your records once every few months to ensure they are free of dust, mold, etc.

Be aware of how to handle your vinyl records when you take them out of their storage space. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry before you take out any record. Do not hold the disk on the grooves as that can leave oil from your fingers which will in turn attract dust and grime. Hold the disk with your index finger in the middle and your thumb on its edge.

Wrapping Up

The activity of building a record collection does not end with buying records from a vinyl record shop. You need to give your records regular care and attention so that you don’t lose any disks to a lack of maintenance. The above tips will ensure that your records will continue to give you aural joy for years.

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