Custom Vinyl Records

Tips to Press your custom Vinyl Records efficiently and affordably

Vinyl record pressing is booming within the music industry. This is mainly because vinyl records have much more value than CDs and digital media. Vinyl also provides a satisfying listening experience as well. This can be attributed to the extra warmth produced by a good vinyl record pressing process. The… Read More

Custom Vinyl Record Australia

How to prepare audio for your Custom Vinyl record Pressing?

The process of removing a vinyl record from its jacket, placing it on the turntable, gently positioning the stylus on the disk, and then letting the warm sound from the vinyl work its magic evokes an irresistible enchantment. So, it is no surprise that this form of analog sound has… Read More

Custom Vinyl Records

How to Prevent Vinyl Records from Getting Damaged

If you are a vinyl collector, your worst nightmare is a damaged disc. Custom vinyl records are fragile and can be easily scratched once it has happened; it’s challenging to repair and almost impossible. These analog formats are uniquely special, whether passed down from generations in your family or someone… Read More

Custom Vinyl Records

Why do Music Artists Choose Custom Vinyl Records for LP

The custom vinyl record for LP is costly for many independent artists, but many autonomous acts still release their albums on vinyl records. How is this possible? Vinyl pressing has tremendous demand because it’s easier to sell online. Many reliable pressing plants like vinyl pressing helps… Read More

Vinyl Record Cover

How to Design the Vinyl Record Cover to Make It Pop?

Suppose you are designing a vinyl record cover. In that case, you might have a lot to consider, from choosing the perfect typography to capturing the essence of a custom vinyl record’s sound by utilizing the ideal combination of visuals. Digital music seemed to… Read More

Custom Vinyl

How Custom Vinyl Records Are Making A Comeback?

Who doesn’t love to listen to good soothing music on their favourite medium? As music evolved with the new generation of online streaming, some audiophiles love to listen on an old yet classy retro medium like custom vinyl. Surprisingly, in 2022, Gen Z people will choose vintage collections in their… Read More


20 Most Creative Things You Can Put in Custom Vinyl Record

Custom vinyl records have been making a comeback for a decade now, every big and small artist has been releasing their album on vinyl, and it seems like it won’t be extinct. People have come up with various & unusual things to add to their vinyl, such as gold dust… Read More