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Steps to Safely Handle Your Vinyl Records

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By Impress Vinyl January 31, 2023

Steps to Handle your Vinyl Records

If you have met a vinyl record collector with their bountiful collection, you will realize how proud they are of their vinyl records. The acquisition of each new record is a journey in itself for vinyl collectors. But the story does not end there.

It takes some amount of love and care to make sure that the vinyl records stay good for years. Vinyl records are delicate and need to be handled with care. With a simple maintenance routine, the longevity of vinyl records can be significantly increased.

When it comes to options for buying records or for vinyl pressing, Australia has many to offer. But, when it comes to maintaining the records, it is simple enough and you can do it yourself by following a few basic pointers. In this blog, we list practical tips on how to clean vinyl records, how to store vinyl records, and even how to fix warped records.

How to Handle Your Vinyl Records

Handle your Vinyl Records

The magic mantra for increasing the life of your vinyl records lies in the way you handle them. Poor or wrong handling can not only reduce the life of your records but can also affect the sound quality produced by them.

Follow these useful tips for the safe handling of your records:

  • Before settling down to an evening with your records, ensure that your hands are clean and dry. Make sure that your hands are oil-free before you handle the vinyl records. It might even be a good idea to have a pair of clean gloves handy for this purpose.
  • Always hold a record gently by the sides without touching its surface. Any contact with the surface could leave smudges from your fingers. This holds for when you have to remove the record from the cover too. The inner sleeve should be loose enough to allow you to insert your middle finger in the center. Then with your thumb holding the side of the disc, you can remove it from the cover without having to touch its surface.
  • It is very important to keep your vinyl records clean. A build-up of dust and grime can lead to warping of the record. There are cleaning kits that are made specifically to clean vinyl records. These contain special brushes to dust the record and cleaning fluid to clean its surface. Once you have cleaned the disc, make sure to leave it upright and allow it to dry out completely.
  • Another aspect that gets missed is the maintenance of the stylus on your turntable. Invest in a good stylus gel and clean the head regularly to prevent static build-up.

How to Store Vinyl Records

By following these simple tips on how to store vinyl records, you can further increase the life of your collection:

  • Always place a record inside its inner sleeve and outer jacket before you place it back on your shelf. This protects the records from dust and harsh sunlight.
  • Do not stack your vinyl records horizontally. This can put pressure on the records at the bottom and can cause them to bend or even break. So, it is better to place your records vertically without them leaning to either side.
  • It is best to store your record collection in a cool and dry room. The records should not be exposed to direct sunlight as that can damage the vinyl coating over time.

How to Fix Warped Records

Despite taking the utmost care, you may still find a bent or warped record in your collection. That can be a nasty disappointment. But, don’t give up hope yet! You can try and salvage it.

By using a few of our tips on how to fix warped records

  • First, clean and dry the record. Then, place it in its inner sleeve and keep it sandwiched between two heavy books. Leave it that way for a week or so before gently removing it.
  • Again, clean and dry the warped disc. Then, place it between two glass panes in an oven for around 20 minutes set at the lowest temperature on the dial. Take it out and let it cool to room temperature before removing the disc from between the glass plates.
  • If nothing works, you could invest in a record flattener. This is an expensive option but could be worth exploring to rescue potentially damaged vinyl records.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are a seasoned collector or have just started building your collection, we know how precious your vinyl record collection is to you. By following the above tips, you will be able to extend the life of your records and also preserve their sound quality. With a little care, you will get to enjoy your favorite vinyl records for years!

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