History of vinyl record

12-Inch Vinyl Record Format: A complete History

What is a Vinyl Record Pressing Service? A comeback of vinyl record pressing services Let’s start from basic; In simple words, vinyl records are analogue audio storage medium in the form of round flattened disks where sound are carved in a spiral design. A needle on the rotating disks produces…

Rise of Vinyl Pressing

The Rise of Vinyl Pressing

Vinyl pressing is the process of manufacturing vinyl records. A vinyl pressing company offers custom vinyl pressing services to produce rotating disks that store music, called vinyl records. They are typically 12 inches, 10 inches, or 7 inches in diameter and inscribed with modulated spiral grooves. The vinyl records boomed…

Cost of Vinyl Pressing

How Much Does it Cost to Press Vinyl?

The price of pressing vinyl will vary from plant to plant and from country to country.  At Impress Vinyl we specialise in pressing vinyl for the Australian and New Zeland market so all the following information will be in AUD and based on the vinyl being picked up in Melbourne.

Vinyl Shops in Melbourne

Melbourne Best Vinyl Shops

Our Top Melbourne Vinyl Shops If you’re looking for that hard-to-find Custom vinyl records you’ve waited years to get your hands on and feeling like you’re out of luck, think again. Our top vinyl shops in Melbourne just might have that long-lost treasure that will make…