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The Impact of Leaving Your Vinyl Record Player on for Too Long

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By Impress Vinyl March 24, 2023

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Many of us like to unwind at the end of a hectic day by listening to music wafting from our cherished vinyl records. The notes wash over us and help us get rid of the tension and exhaustion of the day. But, often, the record player is left on the entire night with the record still on the turntable. Is this safe for the record player and your records? The simple answer is that while there is no harm if this is a rare occurrence, it must not be done too often. Read on to know why.

You would have invested a good amount of money and time in getting your vinyl record pressings done and buying a good record player. It follows that you will want to preserve them well and avoid doing anything that could damage them or decrease their life. This is a big reason to avoid leaving your vinyl record player on overnight or for extended periods.

What Happens if you Leave the Record Player On Overnight?

Other than the obvious impact of wasted electricity from leaving your record player on for too long, there are other consequences that can adversely affect the turntable and the vinyl record left on it.

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Increases wear and tear

Unlike devices that play digital music, in a vinyl record player, there are many internal moving parts that continue to operate even after the record stops playing. These are delicate and need to be taken care of. This movement for extended periods can cause wear and tear of these parts like the stylus, needle, gears, etc.

Reduces the life of the turntable

If this habit of leaving the record player on for long periods is done too often, it can reduce the life of the turntable. The biggest reason for this is the stylus which typically has around 1000 hours of playback time. So, not switching the turntable off after use will lead to wasted running of the stylus and reduce the machine’s longevity.

Leads to dust build-up

Most models of turntables available in good vinyl record shops come with a dust cover to protect the machine and the disks from dust. This is recommended to be left open while listening to music. This means that if you leave the player on for a long time, the dust cover will also be open for long. This will leave your record player and record exposed to dust for a long period. Over time, the buildup of dust can impact playback quality and make the music sound scratchy or muffled.

Can damage vinyl records

Like any audiophile, you must be very proud of your collection of records and must be taking excellent care of them. One of the biggest reasons why you should not leave your record player on overnight is the damage this can do to the disk. We have already seen above that leaving the record on the turntable for a long time can leave it exposed to dust buildup. Worse damage can be caused if the stylus loops on the same spot on the record; the record can get scratches on its surface. Leaving the turntable on can also cause overheating which can lead to warping of the vinyl record. If you read up on how to fix a warped record, you will realize it is not an easy thing to do. So, the best way to preserve your records is to turn off the turntable and put the disks back into the vinyl record sleeves once you are done listening to them.

Wrapping Up

To extend the life of your record player and vinyl records, it is best not to leave it on for long periods too often. It can damage the stylus, needle, and record and can cause unnecessary wear and tear to the player. It is best to turn the machine off, remove the vinyl record and place it carefully back in its sleeve and shut the dust cover on the player. This will ensure longer life of the turntable as well as of your precious vinyl records.

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