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What is Vinyl Test Pressing and its Importance?

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By Impress Vinyl January 25, 2023

Vinyl Test Pressing and its Importance

A mutual collaboration with the clients is absolutely necessary in order to produce the highest-quality vinyl records. People will go over a critical step in the test pressing vinyl process where clients and pressing plants can work together to improve production quality, reduce waste, and save time and money for all parties. Whether this is your first vinyl project or you are a seasoned vinyl ninja, make sure you understand the importance of test pressings and how to properly handle the test pressing evaluation. Here you can explore the vinyl test pressing and its importance:

What is test pressing?

Before starting the mass production, professionals will press a few copies of your record to test the stamper’s performance, fine-tune and change the press’s settings. This is to generally ensure that your music sounds as good as your master file on recently pressed records. However, once the test pressing has been approved, they will store the settings and use them for primary production. During this procedure, you may experiment with various settings and discard a few records. Most record stores have minimal editions with plain white centre labels that include printed or handwritten annotations. Due to their scarcity, some test pressings could become astronomically expensive on the secondary market.

Importance of the test pressing

The test pressing is essential for a pressing plant and sloe for the client. Below you can see the importance of the test pressing:

Test Pressing

For a pressing plant

For a pressing facility, test pressing are crucial because this is the first time audio material is converted to a vinyl format. While there are several steps in creating a vinyl record, including mastering, lacquer or DMM cutting, electroplating, stamper production, and eventually pressing a record, faults can regrettably happen at various stages. Before beginning to pack your order, test pressings are essential to ensure no marks are introduced.

The test pressing stage is a learning process regarding how your music translates to a vinyl format. It can be changed to eliminate audio flaws like clicks and pops and vinyl medium problems like background noise. Additionally, a vinyl records must be examined to ensure there are no mechanical flaws, such as scratches, and that it is not the source of any skips, needle wobble, or other tracking problems.

For the client

A test pressing is a crucial stage in any vinyl production. Vinyl records ensures that your audio content will sound well on vinyl and that the pressing facility will meet your expectations for quality. You have to Buy vinyl records Australia which is handled by professionals that converts your master file or cassette to the vinyl format. Most of them can be found and removed during the test pressing stage in the record store. However, the pressing plant disclaims all liability about the audio content, mixing quality, and track order of submitted audio material.

You can assess these features with test pressings and make sure that your primary order is flawlessly pressed as you would expect. This is unquestionably the final phase before production, they strongly suggest every customer acquire test pressings, carefully examine them, and provide great-sounding vinyl records.

How are vinyl records made?

Assume that the album or song has been recorded, mixed, and mastered. Physically, a master disc will be made from the audio file. Following these four easy steps, you may make your vinyl record. After test pressing vinyl are pressed, choose your preferred custom record jacket and artwork production. Here you can see the process:

Making the lacquer disc

A high-quality source recording is required when pressing vinyl records. The creation of the lacquer disc comes first at a specialised vinyl pressing facility. An expert at vinyl pressing in Melbourne applies a lacquer veneer on a flat aluminium disc before playing it. To avoid defects at this stage, it is essential to keep the dust away from the lacquer sides’ surface. A and B are the sides of the lacquer disc. Labels are applied to the personalised test pressing vinyl during the final pressing stage and fused with the vinyl.

Recording sound on the lacquer disc

The navy points cut the recorded sound wave into the disc’s surface when the machine plays the sound. One continuous spiral groove representing the frequency and loudness of the recorded sound will be carved into the disc by test pressing vinyl process. When the cutting is finished, the vinyl pressing in Melboume inspects the disc for flaws and lifts the sapphire tip. If the sound transfer isn’t flawless, the engineer or artist can reject it or make unique vinyl anyhow.

Preparing the stamper

The lacquer disc goes through a washing process, a silver solution spray, and a tin chloride tank dipping procedure. Through electroplating, tin molecules are pulled to the silver solution, forming a metal coating on top. A reversed copy of the master record was used to press the actual documents in the record store. The stamper is a metal replica separated from the lacquer disc and used as a mould to press the finished vinyl records. You might have also observed that a one-sided stamper was created when custom vinyl was being pressed. The procedure they have discussed thus far is for the A-side. For the B-side, use the same process.

Finished products

If you are looking to Buy vinyl records in Australia, which has the perfect recording quality and it has varied tones for the completed record during the vinyl pressing. PVC substance overflows the vinyl record’s cut edges and fills the grooves. Typically, the entire procedure is automated and takes 30 seconds for each description. The first procedure is repeated by vinyl pressing in Melbourne with fresh lacquer fed into the stamper to produce excellent personalised vinyl records after the records have been precisely cut.

Final thoughts

At Impress Vinyl we make it easy to find your favourite vinyl records in Australia with our extensive range. Our goal is to create a high-quality vinyl record with minimal hassle. We understand the importance of quality in detailing, presentation and overall sound. Our high-quality vinyl is meticulously inspected for surface noise before we send them to you perfectly balanced for your stylus. If you’re looking for something unique but classic, we’re here to help you design your next vinyl record!

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