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Tips for Packaging and Shipping of Vinyl Records

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By Impress Vinyl December 21, 2022

Packaging and Shipping of Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have recently had a major comeback. Brick-and-mortar record stores, online music stores, and online auctions are all experiencing a rebirth as a result of this increasing popularity.

Vinyl records are now spending more time in shipping than ever. Therefore, it is more crucial than ever that businesses and people understand how to handle these widely used fragile items.

Points to keep in mind while shipping Vinyl Records

  • General construction

    A conventional LP is typically 12″ in diameter. However, records are typically tall and thin. Lanky packages run the risk of being mishandled and the contents being bent or broken. So, inner box stability is crucial to ship vinyl records.

  • Environmental risk

    Label your item clearly as “Fragile” and offer support on all sides with a securely closed, durable mailer. It is to assist in reducing damage to your box as much as possible.

    Safe packaging methods should always be your top priority due to the risks of a bumpy trip or probable mishandling putting your package at risk. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent damage to your vinyl during delivery.

  • Assembling your resources

    It’s important to properly pack and ship vinyl records, but the procedure doesn’t have to be challenging. Don’t overpack your vinyl when preparing it for delivery via shipping. By making a plan, you may save time, use less packaging material, and reduce your shipping expenses. Keep things simple

  • Selecting the appropriate shipping container

    Make use of a rigid-walled EZ fold mailer. If a cut-out wrap (COW) is thin enough on the inside to hold vinyl records in place, then it is also an excellent option.

  • Make the appropriate packaging selection

    Use foam or a bubble cushion. The vinyl record sleeves will be gently pressed against while being shielded from outside knocks and damage. Buy foam or bubbles in a dispenser box to make it simple for yourself. They are ideal for sandwiching against vinyl because the majority are perforated every 12″.

Ship Vinyl Records

How to ship vinyl records

Your risks of having your documents damaged or lost in transportation are much reduced when you know how to ship a vinyl record efficiently and safely. You should consider the below-given tips:

  • Pick the proper mailing box

    You are already aware of the dimensions of the records you are shipping to your clients. So for your safety, you should also pick the proper shipping boxes for vinyl packing. By doing so, you will free up some room around the records and cut your expenses.

  • Arrange drop-offs and pickups

    Make arrangements for your vinyl pressing boxes to be delivered to or picked up from the closest courier service drop-off or pickup locations. It makes matter simple between businesses and clients.

  • Get them insured

    Vinyl records can be very expensive, especially first editions or rare releases. You should ensure your shipping in order to be safe. Many shipping companies include insurance as part of their services.

  • Address

    Print the address sticker on the vinyl cover if you can. Typos and missing records are also avoided in this way. To prevent it from coming off, cover the address sticker with a sellotape. Add a well-applied wrap of fragile tape. Be sure to stamp or write your address on the back.

  • Order tracking

    Even if the record is shipped, the task is not yet finished. Track the order to ensure that the clients have received it.

Packing the vinyl records

It’s time to start the vinyl packing if you have your supplies in one hand and your vinyl in the other.

  • Take the record off its sleeve

    It is the most crucial thing you can do to protect it. Records can still slide around in the cardboard sleeve even though they are generally safe inside. It can damage (or perhaps break through) the corners of the sleeve with just a little movement while being sent.
    Even worse, the record could dent, crack, or break. Out of the cardboard cover, slide the record and the inner paper sleeve.

  • Make a record

    Set the cardboard cover down on the desk. Remove the record from its inner sleeve and place it on top of the cardboard case. Place the vinyl record sleeves on top of the inner sleeve at this point.

  • Wrap the sandwich

    For each side of the sandwich, cut two pieces of foam or a bubble cushion that are both the same size. This process will go more quickly and easily for you if you are using a dispenser. Slide it inside your preferred shipping container after firmly and securely taping the edges.

  • The importance of labels

    Make sure your outer package is properly marked on the outside, so the shipper is aware that it is fragile. The handling procedure can be made simpler by adding a simple message like, “Fragile, handle with care.”

  • Warning tips for labels

    Ensure that your label is neatly typed, printed, or written so that it is easy to read (like black type against a white label background).

    If your box contains fragile or delicate items, use warning labels on the vinyl cover to make the shipper know.

    If your label requires a barcode, make sure the barcode is positioned on a clear, flat surface so scanning will be quick and simple.

How much does it cost?

It is challenging to estimate the cost of shipping your records because so many variables are involved in doing so. These variables include:

  • The courier service
  • Cost of mailers
  • Recipient’s location
  • Price of padding supplies
  • Insurance type
  • Quantity being mailed

Final thoughts

Your vinyl record can be more important among many things, and Impress Vinyl recognizes its importance of it. That’s why we have been providing service in vinyl records for the past 20 years serving more than ten thousand customers. We also offer affordable packing and shipping of vinyl pressing and records.

Get your vinyl records packed and shipped safely with Impress Vinyl today!

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