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Melbourne Best Vinyl Shops

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By Impress Vinyl June 11, 2019

Vinyl Shops in Melbourne

Our Top Melbourne Vinyl Shops

If you’re looking for that hard-to-find Custom vinyl records you’ve waited years to get your hands on and feeling like you’re out of luck, think again. Our top vinyl shops in Melbourne just might have that long-lost treasure that will make you the envy of record collectors everywhere.

Melbourne, Australia is renowned for three important things you’d expect to find in such an artistically cultural centre: coffee, fashion and flair. Why then, with all its exciting opportunities wouldn’t it also be considered a vinyl mecca?

The popularity of Melbourne vinyl is nothing new. In fact, two records stores, Northside Records and Wax Museum Records, have produced an annual vinyl-buying guide for many years. They also place a tremendous focus on producing and featuring local music on this format.

Many Australian artists are now opting to release their music on vinyl, spanning the genre spectrum and creating so much buzz that a special day has been set aside to celebrate their music. Record Store Day has become an event not to be missed in Melbourne. It’s a great way to give the artists and local vinyl record stores that sell their vinyl quite a boost.

So where do you go if you’re looking for Melbourne vinyl? Whether you’re on the hunt for that buried gem or in the market to discover a new artist, here are three music shops you should definitely check out.

Northside Records

If you’re looking for jazz, funk and all things soulful, Northside Records is the place to go. Open since 2002, it has become a hotspot for supporting local artists.

This shop is owned and operated by DJ Chris Gil who is known as a walking encyclopedia of local and international soul. It’s often referred to as “Melbourne’s home of new soul music”. Whether you’re looking for new local releases or second-hand records, you’ll find an extensive collection at Northside.

Wax Museum Records

If you’re into hip-hop and all beat-based music variations, be sure to check out Wax Museum Records. Located in the middle of acclaimed Flinders Street train station, they stock second-hand records hand-picked from Tokyo perfect for beat-lovers of all ages. You’ll also find the latest hip-hop, beats, techno and house. If that’s the music you crave old or new, you can’t go wrong at Wax Museum.

Alley Tunes

If you want to enjoy your favourite latte while scrounging for amazing vinyl, then don’t miss Melbourne’s best-kept secret. Alley Tunes is not only a great coffee shop but is also the place for perusing an extensive collection of second-hand Melbourne vinyl.

They specialize in ex-DJ collections, making it the perfect spot to locate great bargains or rare finds. You can also find disco, house, club-ready titles and edits, expanding their musical range even more.
Finding Melbourne Vinyl

Poison City Records

If punk is more your scene and especially Aussie punk,  then look no further than Poison City Records. They also have a fantastic collection and skate gear and are conveniently located on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy so its an easy day trip drop in and collect some rare and unusual grooves.

No matter what type of Melbourne vinyl you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it among the many other unique music shops in this great city. Stick around long enough, and who knows, you may even find yourself caught up in the excitement of all the local vinyl scene has to offer.