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Why Vintage Vinyl Records are Making a Comeback in the Digital Age

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By Impress Vinyl May 12, 2023

Vintage Vinyl Records are making a comeback

“Old is gold,” This saying holds true even today across many industries. We are referring to the charm of vinyl records. Vintage vinyl records are on the rise, and the industry is growing enormously, with sales reaching staggering numbers. The experience of listening to a vinyl record is unparalleled compared to that of digital music. It gives a tangible and immersive experience that no one can deny.

It has been more than half a century since its invention, but even today, vinyl records are the favourite collection among music lovers. Despite many streaming platforms and the popularity of digital trends, it is surprising that analog music remains a classic. Some researchers attribute its success to the resurgence of vinyl’s charming music, while others credit celebrity musicians for releasing their albums on these records.

Regardless of their fame, it is a known fact that these records have set a fire among the crowd, thus making their big comeback.

Vinyl Records are Making a Blast from the Past

The majority of vinyl record shops reportedly achieved their highest sales in the past 30 years in 2021, according to reports. Most of them were released on vinyl, which for the first time outsold the more popular CD format for music sales. Statistics have also demonstrated that Gen Zs have purchased more records compared to millennials. This striking contrast has reversed the false assumption that vinyl is only for the old.

Collecting and buying custom vinyl records has emerged as a new hobby for music lovers, while those who are nostalgic are looking for ways to rediscover the joy of holding a record in their hands. As this vinyl mania gears towards a new era, let us explore the reasons below why these records are still popular.

Vinyl Records are Making a Blast

Sound quality is no longer a hassle

When MP3s were introduced, the storage of songs came at a price. The more songs it could hold, the higher the price it was sold for. However, accommodating the maximum number of songs on a tiny device meant compromising the quality of the music. The original songs had very high-quality audio, and it was way too difficult to fit in a portable device, computer, or phone without actually condensing the file size. Naturally, the sound quality suffered.

This is not the case with vinyl pressings. The sound quality is the same as how the artist recorded it. All the minute details of the recording are not lost, like in MP3s. Vinyl gets the upper hand when it comes to musical excellence and originality.

A hobby you can be proud of

The sheer joy of collecting coins, stamps, or even vinyl records is unmatchable. Today, the hobby is quite prevalent, and music collecting tops the list. Unlike digital music formats or streaming platforms like Spotify or iTunes, which can remove some of the songs from their lists, you can add your favourite songs to the records. You will be the proud owner of your collection. You no longer have to rely on the internet or any network connection to play the music. Vinyl does it for you.

You can always take pride in the music collection that you own and showcase it to your family and friends. You can categorise records according to artists, music genres, or even the occasions on which the music is played. If you have a party at home, you get to play your favourite party songs on a vinyl record.

Visuals that catch your eye

Appearance drives everything in the world. Whether it is your new customized designs or the artwork on records with colourful photos on them. Be it the artists’ photographs or the funny band group animation on the record, there is a vast selection of ways to design your records. These visuals on the vinyl records say a lot about your taste in music and art. Your creativity and design skills come to the forefront with these pieces.

You can conceptualise these designs on the vinyl record sleeves, back jackets, lyric sheets, and the records themselves with varied colours and patterns. Make your unique designs on the records and let them be a testament to your creativity.

Appreciate the beauty of music

The immersive involvement in the vinyl music, coupled with pops and crackles, produces a soothing and joyful experience that no other music can provide. In a chaotic world that is bombarded with distractions and social media noise, listening to vinyl records presents a retreat in itself. It is a wonderful way to connect, indulge in the world of music, and appreciate the beauty of songs.
Whether you are an audiophile or a new music enthusiast, vinyl records are definitely going to be your ally.

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