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Why is Vinyl Record Skipping and How Can We Fix It?

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By Impress Vinyl October 26, 2023

Guide to fix your vinyl skipping

One of the most authentic ways to listen to music is through vinyl records. Its nostalgic essence has made this antique piece a popular return to the digital world. However, Whether it is a technology or a historical figure, everything has its maintenance issues. Likewise, Vinyl records can have flaws that disrupt the listening experience.

A skipped record is one of the most common issues. Let us look at the causes of vinyl record skipping and solutions for this common issue.

Understanding Vinyl Records

Before we get into the reasons like why are my records skipping, let’s take a quick look at how vinyl records function. Vinyl records are analog audio storage devices with grooves on a vinyl surface that encode sound. A stylus (needle) glides over these grooves, converting differences in the shape of the groove into an electrical signal, which is then amplified and transmitted through speakers.

Smooth and consistent playback is dependent on several elements, including the state of the record, the stylus, and the turntable.

Common Causes of Vinyl Record Skipping

Vinyl skipping needs to be addressed and fixed in order to maintain the caliber of the listening experience and avoid potential stylus and record damage.

Here are the common causes of vinyl record skipping:

Debris and dust:

Vinyl records are sensitive to scratches and dust particles. Even minor surface imperfections might cause the needle to leap and the audio to skip. To avoid this, always handle and clean your vinyl records with care. Invest in high-quality vinyl record covers to keep your valuable collection dust and damage-free.

Stylus Issues

The stylus or needle is an important part of your turntable setup. If it becomes worn or broken, it will be unable to comply with the grooves effectively, resulting in skipping. To guarantee optimal functioning, inspect and replace the stylus regularly. Cleaning and replacing the stylus regularly is essential for smooth playback.

Warped Records

Vinyl records can warp over time due to temperature variations and improper storage. A warped vinyl record will not sit flat on the turntable, which will cause tracking issues.

To avoid warping, store your vinyl records vertically in a cold, stable setting. They can deform over time as a result of heat or moisture exposure. Warped recordings do not track well, resulting in skips. Storage away from excessive temperatures and humidity is essential.

Pressing Quality:

Defects in low-quality vinyl pressings can cause skips. Choosing high-quality records, such as those from Impress Vinyl, can help to mitigate this problem.

Calibration of Turntables

Tracking issues caused by a misaligned or badly calibrated turntable might cause your vinyl record to skip. To ensure that your turntable is properly set up, consult the handbook or seek professional assistance.

An improperly set up turntable might cause tracking issues. Check that your turntable is level and correctly calibrated according to the specifications of your cartridge.

How to fix Vinyl Skipping

Now that we’ve discovered the most prevalent causes of vinyl record skipping, let’s talk about how to fix record skipping:

Steps to fix Vinyl Skipping

  • Cleaning Records:

    Use a carbon fiber brush or a record-cleaning solution to clean your vinyl records regularly. This removes dust and dirt, which might cause skipping.

  • Clean the Stylus:

    Use a stylus brush or cleaning solution intended for this purpose to keep the stylus clean.

  • Replace the Stylus:

    Replace your old or broken stylus with a high-quality stylus that is compatible with your cartridge.

  • Invest in Quality Records:

    Buy vinyl records from trustworthy suppliers, which offers high-quality pressings for a better listening experience.

  • Check Record Condition:

    Inspect the condition of your records for evident damage or warping. Playing highly damaged records can further damage your stylus.

  • Tonearm:

    Make sure your turntable’s tonearm is properly balanced and set accordingly with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Consult the manual for more information regarding the turntable.

Fix your Vinyl Record Skipping with Impress Vinyl

Being an established brand in Australia, Impress Vinyl with its high-quality albums and accessories, can assist you to fix vinyl record skipping and come up with different solutions, a few among them are as follows-

Quality Pressings:

Impress Vinyl’s dedication to quality assures that your records are free from manufacturing flaws that lead to skips. We are known to create high-quality vinyl records with a strong emphasis on quality control.

Expert Advice:

Our team comprises vinyl enthusiasts to provide valuable insights and recommendations on turntable setup, stylus care, and proper vinyl handling to prevent vinyl skips.

Guaranteed Warp-Free:

Impress Vinyl values quality and gives a warp-free guarantee on their records, providing you with peace of mind when purchasing their products.

Maintenance and cleaning:

Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of dust and debris, eventually decrease the risk of skipping vinyl records. Impress Vinyl provides multiple vinyl cleaning tools to help you maintain the records in good shape.

Vinyl Accessories:

We provide various vinyl accessories like high-quality slipmats and record brushes. These help to reduce surface flaws and keep your vinyl free from skipping.

Vinyl records are treasure mines of musical memories, but proper care and maintenance is essential for perfect sound quality. When faced with the frustrating problem of disc abandonment, knowing the common causes and seeking advice from trusted organizations like Impress Vinyl can make all the difference.


With their commitment to quality and selection of accessories designed to enhance your vinyl experience, you can fully enjoy your vinyl collection while eliminating the hassle of ignoring the record. Why let your vinyl ruin by skipping when you have Impress Vinyl to help you keep the music flowing?

Remember that in the world of vinyl records, each skip might be a tale to tell, but with Impress Vinyl’s help, those stories can be about the music itself rather than the technical flaws.

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