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Why Impress Vinyl is The Best Place to Order Vinyl Records

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By Impress Vinyl June 30, 2023

Impress Vinyl is The Best Place to Order Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are becoming a sensation all over again. Music enthusiasts are interested in the whole process of designing the records, selecting the songs on the player, customising according to their favourite taste and the act of storing them as collectibles. They are a popular choice for gifts to your loved ones. Besides being used by music lovers worldwide, the artists and musicians are also releasing their songs on vinyl records thus making them an eminent piece of collection.

Let us explore why these records are making a huge comeback in the digital era.

Benefits of choosing Custom Vinyl Records

According to statistics, the sales of vinyl records have been staggering over the last few years. It is surprising that not just the older population but even the millennials and Gen-Zs are purchasing these records. The trend is rising day by day and shows no sign of slowing down.

The main reasons behind its raging popularity are:

Unmatchable Sound Quality

When songs are released on personalised vinyl records there is no comprise to audio quality. Even the tiny details and beats are stored to its highest precision as recorded by the singers. If you would want to add more beats, or vibrations or just more melody into your songs, you do not have to worry about the audio disturbances anymore.

When MP3s and CDs were introduced, too many songs had to be accommodated in a single portable device, which led to shrinking the file size and comprising on the music quality. However, the same is not true in custom vinyl records. Quality of music getting compromised is longer a cause of worry.

A Personalised Collectible

Collecting stamps, coins or artefacts have always been a hobby among many. However, collection of vinyl records is now becoming prevalent and gaining momentum. The joy of selecting your favourite songs and storing them in a physical form is unparalleled to any other digital formats today.

You can store them without having to rely on internet, or the fear of getting some songs removed unlike music streaming platforms. You can combine any genres of music, your choice of artists and even the occasions it is played for. Vinyl records make an excellent collectible at your home that you can proudly boast of.

Unique Gift Option

If you are always bombarded with the multitude of gift options for your friends and family, then you can take a pause here to get excited, because vinyls make the best gifts for your loved ones. Customising a vinyl record is a pure art and you can explore many options to make the receiver feel special.

Whether it is personalising the record sleeves with a couple photo, a group picture or even engraving their initials on it, the list is just endless. You will also be surprised to know that; you could even write a message or a tagline on the records.

Well, these are just few of many reasons why vinyl records are making the right noise in the music industry. Now, if you are wondering where to buy vinyl records and get them customised according to your taste and style, then we have got your back.

Why Choose Impress Vinyl for Vinyl Records in Australia?

Choose Impress Vinyl for Vinyl Records

In Australia, the best place to buy vinyl records has always been Impress Vinyl. Let’s check out why it is the perfect place for vinyl enthusiasts.

Quality and Precision

Our audio quality is one of its kind. We do not comprise on quality and give utmost importance to the level of precision in our production techniques. Our record pressing is carried out through latest tools and technology. All our procedures have to satisfy a set of prerequisite conditions and we have a strict quality control process in place.

Customization Offerings

Impress Vinyl allows you to customise your vinyl records with your own labels, artwork, and impressive packaging. You can build a truly one-of-a-kind and personalised record collection that best reflects your personal style and taste. We also provide flexible packaging, from conventional jackets to sustainable and environmentally friendly sleeves, allowing you to select the packaging that suits you most.

Competitive Pricing and Shipping Policies

Impress Vinyl provides competitive rates on all our products, with no additional fees or charges. We also provide special deals and discounts for large orders. We offer speedy delivery so that you do not have to wait long for your records to reach your home.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

With a team of skilled professionals who are friendly and knowledgeable, we always give you the best possible customer service. You can always count on us for any queries that you have. Additionally, you can be certain that your purchase will leave you completely satisfied thanks to our satisfaction guarantee.

Choose Impress Vinyl for the Best Vinyl Record Experience

We put a strong emphasis on quality, limitless customization options, outstanding customer service, and reasonable prices.  Why then wait? Start creating your ideal, personalized vinyl record collection from Impress Vinyl.

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