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Tips to Press your Vinyl Records efficiently and affordably

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By Impress Vinyl July 13, 2022

Custom Vinyl Records

Vinyl record pressing is booming within the music industry. This is mainly because vinyl records have much more value than CDs and digital media. Vinyl also provides a satisfying listening experience as well. This can be attributed to the extra warmth produced by a good vinyl record pressing process.

The goal of many vinyl record pressers is to carefully take all measures to ensure that every last inch, every last bit of detail is preserved during the pressing. They go through various processes which involve precision machines and high-quality equipment. This blog enumerates major steps to press your custom Vinyl Records resourcefully.

Top 6 Tips to Press your custom Vinyl Records efficiently and affordably

A vinyl record is made from vinyl, a material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). When it comes to producing custom records with specific themes, artwork, and lyrics; it is highly recommended because you can put your ideas into action.

However, you need to keep a few aspects in mind for pressing your custom Vinyl Records. keeping costs down for your vinyl record pressings so you can make the best return on investment.

Vinyl Record Pressing

Finding the Right Record Pressing options

There are many different types of vinyl records, including 12-inch and 10-inch albums, as well as seven-inch singles. These records can be purchased at your local record store or on the internet.

The first step in vinyl record pressing is to consider how many different colors of vinyl you want to press and how many different sizes of jackets you want to have printed on each side (inside).

Select correct vinyl press sizes

The next step is choosing the correct vinyl press sizes for your project. Vinyl presses come in two types: single-side and dual-side presses. For most projects, a dual-side press will be sufficient, but if you plan on producing more than one record at a time or want to produce several different designs, then you will need an all-in-one dual-side press.

Choose the Precise RPM

Next, select the right RPM that best suits your material. Generally speaking, any album containing more than three tracks requires at least a 33-rpm speed; however, some albums may contain as many as 15 tracks and require 45 rpm speed for optimal playback quality.

Streamlining Production process

The most important thing is to streamline your production process. You’ll achieve this by eliminating unnecessary steps that don’t add value and here are some suggestions.

  • Use a digital recorder instead of a cassette recorder to record and mix your music tracks.
  • Make sure your vinyl records are clean, dry, and free of dust
  • Use high-quality studio-grade vinyl for the best sound quality on your custom vinyl records
  • Cut the vinyl at the correct speed by following the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensuring proper pressure is applied
  • Apply heat evenly to ensure uniform heating of the vinyl and avoid hot spots which can cause warping or distortion of the record
  • Adjusting temperature and speed settings on your digital record press will ensure that your records are pressed at the correct speed and temperature for the best results

Reduce record pressing time

A good turntable will help you achieve better results and save you money in the long run. Use a belt-drive turntable for best results and durability. The needle is one of the most important parts of a record press, so if you want to get the most out of your investment, you must get one that is up to date with today’s technology.

When making records at home, optimize your process so that everything is done at once instead of several times sequentially (like when making traditional records). For example, if you’re making 10 copies at once with five different colors of vinyl, then use one color for each copy rather than two colors to get an affordable vinyl pressing.

Things to Consider about Artwork and Color

When you are designing your artwork, there are a few things to consider, such as the color theme of your logo and how that color scheme will look when printed. Another thing to consider is how many colors you want on your vinyl record, as well as the font that you want to use for the printing.

Final Words!

Press your vinyl records professionally and easily with these tips. You will be glad that you didn’t press your vinyl improperly, unlike many people out there. If you feel it is quite tricky to press your records at home, then do not hesitate to come to us.

At Impress Vinyl, we offer the best custom vinyl record in Australia. We provide you with a great quality record that is reasonable and personalized to your taste. With our affordable vinyl pressing, you can be confident of the highest quality of pressing and superior customer service.

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