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How to Design the Vinyl Record Cover to Make It Pop?

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By Impress Vinyl May 26, 2022

Vinyl Record Cover

Suppose you are designing a vinyl record cover. In that case, you might have a lot to consider, from choosing the perfect typography to capturing the essence of a custom vinyl record’s sound by utilizing the ideal combination of visuals.

Digital music seemed to overshadow analog music with new ways of music consumption. But the vinyl records industry has been foreshadowing digital music in recent years. Packaging and vinyl album covers are practical promotional tools to convey their message, brand, and album identity.

Creating  vinyl covers with rich content and graphic designs is vital to promoting the purchase. Various albums are widely popular in people’s minds even before their music is released. The record cover helps attract eyeballs at a glance, and the images often define the genre.

Personalized vinyl cover is an integral part of the vinyl album, and vinyl covers designs are the form of expression for artists. The way you print vinyl covers, sleeve, and packaging are vital aspects of a released plan.

We are not going to the store and looking for our favorite vinyl in a local record store, but a vinyl album cover or EP cover needs to impact digitally and physically. Even if you release your records digitally, always consider releasing them physically.

Partner with a reliable vinyl cover printing company to design a top-notch personalized vinyl cover that turns the passive listener into valuable active listeners. Let’s look at the various tips for vinyl album cover designs to convert audiophiles into super fans of your music band.

Tips to Craft a Vinyl Album Cover Design

Be Creative

If you are an artist in the form, it’s vital to be creative in your forte. Designing the vinyl album cover takes much creativity if you work for a famous band because people choose their favorite album through attractive custom vinyl covers.

Before designing vinyl record sleeves, consider the vinyl cover printing range of sizes on social media, billboards, advertising, outdoor signages, and music apps, so think about the design that suits small and large applications.

Unique Packaging

Do you know there is a Grammy Award for the best album packaging? Yes, it’s true; now you know the expectation you need to meet. So take advantage of creative packaging options for custom vinyl records.

Creative packaging doesn’t mean spending an excess amount, but using technology like screen print and having the custom vinyl records commercially produced is affordable. Also, make sure you use vinyl record sleeves and vinyl sleeve covers in your overall packaging.

Recognize Artist Brand Aesthetic

If you are planning for vinyl cover printing, make sure you think and design as a designer as a musical artist rather than our aesthetic. Your vinyl record cover visual design should resonate with the band and fan base, or the audience will ignore your album and your designed vinyl record.

Many artists who create custom vinyl covers for their albums already have a concept in their minds, so it will be easy for designers to focus on what themes to focus on and avoid while making their albums.

Vinyl Cover Printing

Pick a Color Scheme

Color is the main component for your vinyl cover printing and designing for every design element. The colors stimulate the emotions of the music lovers. So, the proper use of colors becomes the visual representation of the music that you produce.

For example, if your music describes happiness and joy, you can use orange, yellow, and other dominating colors. If your music is melancholy or subdued, use dark blue and gray for vinyl covers.

Use the Best Fonts

If your vinyl album cover needs a personality, you should use the best font that suits your music. So think about the font that goes with the inner jacket, vinyl record sleeves, brand name, album title, vinyl sleeve covers, tracklist on the back, and more.

Use a combination of font styles like serif fonts if you play electronic, indie rock, or other music varieties. Similarly, select script fonts when the music is messy and playful to summon mixed feelings. Collection fonts should be your preference for heavy metal custom vinyl covers.

Choose the Right Style and Image

The images play a vital role in the design element for a personalized vinyl cover, and you need to pick carefully. Most music artists give their photos of the band to print vinyl covers but feel free to use any collages, abstract graphics, or drawings.

The style of the vinyl album cover evokes a feeling in the audience to purchase your vinyl album, so make sure the images or faces you use should convey viewers’ moods or feelings.

Consider Various Sizes

Your vinyl record cover acts as the face of multiple formats, so consider various sizes to release the vinyl album. Plan and print vinyl covers that go well with the size. If your custom vinyl cover appears as a thumbnail, consider small size so people can see the cover on Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora.

Know the rudimentary basics necessary to consider for creating vinyl record sleeves, vinyl printing in melbourne, and designing personalized vinyl covers on your own. After considering all these, you can confidently print and design any format.

We hope you enjoyed the design tips to create the vinyl album cover. Implant Media expert in vinyl cover printing in Australia helps captivate new listeners and amaze your fans. Contact us today and share with us your dream vinyl album artwork.

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