20 Most Creative Things You Can Put in Custom Vinyl Record

Custom vinyl records have been making a comeback for a decade now, every big and small artist has been releasing their album on vinyl, and it seems like it won’t be extinct. People have come up with various & unusual things to add to their vinyl, such as gold dust… Read More


How to make your own vinyl record in Australia?

Audiophiles are coming back to custom vinyl in record numbers, and it’s never been easier to make your own vinyl record onto wax. It’s a simple tabletop device that looks like a record player. You put a blank vinyl record on the turntable, plug the device into any audio source… Read More


Know the process of pressing Vinyl Records

Music is one of the universal art forms globally and is a nearly constant part of our everyday lives. Who would have guessed that a way to play popular music 100 years ago would be roaring in popularity today by pressing vinyl records? Impress produces custom… Read More


12-Inch Vinyl Record Format: A complete History

What is a Vinyl Record Pressing Service? A comeback of vinyl record pressing services Let’s start from basic; In simple words, vinyl records are analogue audio storage medium in the form of round flattened disks where sound are carved in a spiral design. A needle on the rotating disks produces… Read More